Kind Words

Below are some very kind words from our clients.


We are always committed to maintaining confidentiality and greatly appreciate their willingness to let us anonymously post some of their thoughts about their experience at Tili.... and... we would like to express our thanks to all of our clients for allowing us into their lives. It is a privilege to hear people's stories, we learn a great deal about ourselves by participating in this process with you.


If you are a current client and you would like to share how Tili has positively impacted your life, please email us at and we will be happy to post your comments anonymously.

I have been through a lot of therapy in my life, but not until working with you was I able to make the changes I needed to make. I finally feel like I can take the risks I need to take in relationships and at work to have the life I want and now believe I deserve. I know that there will be days and times that are difficult, but you have taught me that “difficult is temporary and can be useful."
I wanted to give you a testimonial for your website as a thank you for all the incredible help you gave me ...with the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, I felt it important to communicate that it is possible to change even when you can't visualize what that change would look like. You provided me a safe haven, unqualified support and wise, gentle guidance when I was at a very difficult, intense turning point in my life. I was able to get myself from a place of terrible anxiety, self doubt, guilt, despair and aching lonliness to a place of strength, connection, confidence and personal satisfaction. It has been a challenging, profound and transformative experience and I couldn't be more grateful.
In therapy, I have learned strategies for working with my anxiety and depression that enable me to lead a more peaceful and productive life.

My therapist at Tili has nailed it. Things that I have been struggling with for such a long time, I now understand why. Once you understand why things happen repeatedly, you can make a choice to have things be different. I've never had so many "ah-ha!" moments in therapy. 

I love Tili, I work with the nurse practitioner and one of the therapists. I have never had such a positive experience in therapy. It's actually working. I've never felt so empowered. 
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