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I have been through a lot of therapy in my life, but not until working with you was I able to make the changes I needed to make. I finally feel like I can take the risks I need to take in relationships and at work to have the life I want and now believe I deserve. I know that there will be days and times that are difficult, but you have taught me that “difficult is temporary and can be useful."
I wanted to give you a testimonial for your website as a thank you for all the incredible help you gave me ...with the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, I felt it important to communicate that it is possible to change even when you can't visualize what that change would look like. You provided me a safe haven, unqualified support and wise, gentle guidance when I was at a very difficult, intense turning point in my life. I was able to get myself from a place of terrible anxiety, self doubt, guilt, despair and aching lonliness to a place of strength, connection, confidence and personal satisfaction. It has been a challenging, profound and transformative experience and I couldn't be more grateful.
In therapy, I have learned strategies for working with my anxiety and depression that enable me to lead a more peaceful and productive life.

My therapist at Tili has nailed it. Things that I have been struggling with for such a long time, I now understand why. Once you understand why things happen repeatedly, you can make a choice to have things be different. I've never had so many "ah-ha!" moments in therapy. 

I love Tili, I work with the nurse practitioner and one of the therapists. I have never had such a positive experience in therapy. It's actually working. I've never felt so empowered. 
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